The New HAWAII FIVE-O is Reshooting an Original FIVE-0 Teleplay

…But we’d feel a lot better about this project if rather than “consulting” with the original writers of the Emmy-winning episode, Rod Baker and Glen Olson, the producers had hired them to write it as well.

Instead, current Executive Story Editor Joe Halpin did the job, for which he got paid his weekly salary plus the script fee, which is about five times what it was 40 years ago when “Hookman” was first produced. (That would be 1973.)

In other words, we’d like to see showrunner Peter Lenkov put his money where his mouth was because in this era of age discrimination against television writers (a recent lawsuit on the subject was settled for $75,000,000 last year so we know the discrimination exists) just saying things like, “We at Hawaii Five-0 hold the original series in reverence, and to be able to go to their well of incredible storytelling is such an honor,” doesn’t really cut it. Reverence, after all, doesn’t pay the rent.

Hey, LB, didn’t you write a bunch of those eps? Oh well, maybe next time.