And we just found out about it.

Guess they just aren’t publicizing the Emmy Awards for web TV they way they do “regular” television cuz this happened a couple of weeks ago and we just unearthed it in a (figurative) pile of press releases.

Thing is, this really is a cool show, worthy of a Big Time Award. Created and produced by Hank Green and Bernie Su, LIZZIE’s on YouTube, of course, and is a contemporary version of Pride and Prejudice. Yeppers, that old, inexplicably popular novel Jane Austen published a hundred years ago. Literally.

This time around, it’s about Lizzie Bennet, a grad student who is facing the future with fear, angst, and way too much debt. Aided by a friend, Lizzie does the YouTube channel thing and starts a vlog, using it to kvetch about her life and mock her friends. And if that isn’t contemporary, we don’t know what is.

The best way to catch up with LIZZIE is to go to the Lizzie Bennet YouTube channel and binge. The eps are only a about 3 minutes long, and if for some reason you don’t get hooked after the first few you’ll have the consolation of knowing you’ve spent very little time.

Here’s the first episode to get you started. Go to it!

One thought on “THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES Won an Emmy”

  1. Hey, Larry. I don’t know why I decided to view this video, but I got past my 20 second go or no go. This little lady has talent, and she deserves the award. In a few minutes I’ll be sharing this with my daughter. I won’t tell her I also will be watching YouTube. Thanks.

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