The FIREFLY Board Game is Only 1 Week Away

fireflygameboxOur favorite deadline of the year so far.

To be precise, the Firefly game is available for pre-order on Amazon.Com, with its in-house-ready-to-ship date given as September 1. As you can see at the bottom of this post, Amazon doesn’t have a lot of info, but here’s some info from the maker, Gale Force Nine:

In Firefly: The Game – based on the popular Firefly television series created by Joss Whedon – players captain their own Firefly-class transport ship, traveling the ‘Verse with a handpicked crew of fighters, mechanics and other travelers.

As a captain desperate for work, players are compelled to take on any job — so long as it pays. Double-dealing employers, heavy-handed Alliance patrols, and marauding Reavers are all in a day’s work for a ship’s captain at the edge of the ‘Verse.

Firefly: The Game is a high-end thematic tabletop boardgame from Gale Force Nine (GF9) and the first in a series of tabletop hobby board games and miniatures games from GF9 set in the Firefly Universe.

FireflyBoardGameCaptureIf you’re in the mood to shell out $46 in advance shekels, hie thee HERE. Call us idiots, or fanatics, whatever, but we sure as hell did.