Bob Tinsley Sees CYBERGEDDON: A New Web Series by Anthony E. Zuiker

The creator of the most successful series of series on TV brings us the most expensive series to ever hit the web – but how’s it doing?

So, no less a personnage than CSI creator Anthony E. Freakin’ Zuiker thinks the future of video entertainment lies with web video. He is so convinced of it that he has invested a tidy $6 million in, CYBERGEDDON, a 9-episode series that debuted on Yahoo Screen the first week in October, with multiple hints that CYBERGEDDON 2 is in the works. But is it any good?

In a word: Yes.

So far I have watched the first episode and about half of the second. Each episode is 10 minutes long. Connectivity issues interrupted my viewing of the second episode, but I WILL watch the whole thing. In addition to the 90 minutes of episodes, there are another 48+ minutes in what he calls ZIPS, one minute videos that inform the back stories of the main characters. read article