Writing Meme: The Creative Process

Found on Facebook (What? You’re surprised?)
Big Thanks to Barbara Gaillard

Joss Whedon on Being True to Yourself

Speaking of interweb memes:

Joss Whedon on being yourself


(Hey, we worked hard on getting all the metaphorical layers of this baby together. How about a hand, folks? Let’s hear it, huh?

LB: Time Now for Some Encouragement & Advice

Because I just got an email from a former student who reminded me of how important it is.

Keep encouraging and advising!
Much thanks,

So, from all of me to all of y’all:


I was going to write more, but I stumbled upon the pic above at a site called Favim.Com, which says of itself:

We’ve created this image gallery of the most awesome and prettiest pictures on the Web to be a warehouse for your inspiration. You can change images here with the same ease as a painter touches strokes the canvas with their brush, or as fast as a photographer’s camera snaps another picture. Suppose you are fond of nature, quotes and design, and your favorite color is red. In this case, tags and colors can help you track down the unique picture you were searching for so long. For easier access to your favorite pictures, you can use the bookmark system. When you browse through the pictures, you’ll understand that nothing can give you as much inspiration as real life does. We’ve got only exclusive images from real life events which are bound to move everyone’s thoughts and beliefs.

This seemed like such a warm, open way of dealing with both the interwebs and real life, that I spent 5 hours clicking on everything I could find there.

But for TVWriter™ purposes, the “cool story” image seems perfect to me. Because when you get down to it, what else should a story be?

Another Writing Meme

Found on Tumblr by somebody named Sydnee:


So how come when we use LibreOffice we only get 250 words to a page double-spaced?

Maybe point #2 is for IBM Selectrics only? (C’mon, you remember Selectric typewriters, don’tcha? Don’tcha? Please…!)