Are All TV Writers Nerds? Or Do We Just Look That Way?

goodnerdsAre you cool Enough for the Writers Room?

Recently, HollywoodReporter.Com put together a photo gallery of the staffs of what the site called, “TV’s Greatest Writers Rooms of All Time.”

We aren’t sure we agree with that (actually we’re pretty damn sure we don’t), but what struck us about the gallery wasn’t the talent involved (and there was a lot of it!) but the look. It was like peering into the Extra-Curricular Activities section of a high school yearbook in a school where all the kids were in their 40s.

Click on the Thumbnails Below to Expand:

Seriously, can you tell the difference between the writers’ room folks and the graduating class of Niles Township High School West in 1966? Neither can we.

Pics not from The HollywoodReporter were found while browsing around E-Yearbook.Com.