Ken Levine is Holding a “Sitcom Room” Weekend

Do you have what it takes to participate?

SITCOM ROOM registration is now open – by Ken Levine

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a comedy writer on a sitcom?   Being surrounded by really funny people in a work environment where laughter is not just encouraged but required?    Is this something you’ve always wanted to do?  Or just something you’d like to experience one time?  Then I invite you to join THE SITCOM ROOM — a weekend hands-on seminar where you don’t just sit and listen to boring lectures for two days, you WRITE.   You’re put in a writing room where you will fix a script and see Hollywood actors performyour material.   It’s kind of like one of those baseball fantasy camps except you don’t blow out your hamstring.

I’m holding one of these SITCOM ROOM seminars on November 10th & 11th in Los Angeles.  And registration is now open.

Some things you should know:

I only do these once a year at the most.  Sometimes I do them once every two years.

I only take twenty students.

And I opened registration on Sunday for those on my mailing list and within 48 hours I filled half of the slots.  There are now only 10 openings.  So if you’re interested, please take advantage now.  When we’re sold out, that’s it.  I keep it small so that every student gets ample attention and opportunity.

Here’s where you go for more information.

And here’s where you go to register.

The price is $1500.

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Punchline 1: Now you know what Ken’s been setting us up for with all his great blog posts.

Punchline 2: Now you know what it takes to participate…$1500.