Naked Writer Dept: How Writers Risk Their Lives

One writer, anyway, and, yes, we consider the possible effects of what she’s doing to be life-threatening. (Non-writers may not agree but they’re wrong.)

Waitaminnit! She isn’t naked! Dayum!

Silvia Hartmann is The Naked Writer

DragonRising’s star author Silvia Hartmann (Energy EFT,Aromatherapy for Your SoulInfinite Creativity) has launched a fascinating new project to connect with her readers in an exciting new way – and we need your help!

Read-on for information on how to submit a book title suggestion. Winner gets a signed copy of the finished novel!

Introduction to The Naked Writer Project

Using the latest Google technology, we’re aiming to achieve a worlds first by letting anyone with an Internet connection see her latest fantasy fiction novel being typed live online, word by word.

With the rise of eBooks and print-on-demand paperbacks, many authors are now using the web to bypass traditional publishing houses in favour of self-publishing. This project, known as “The Naked Writer”, aims to go one step further and give fans the chance to not only see the manuscript being typed, but to also comment on the storyline and provide feedback as the novel develops.

Silvia Hartmann said in a recent interview, “This is an amazing opportunity for me as an author to push the boundaries of the author/reader relationship. It will be thrilling to write knowing that people will be viewing each word, paragraph and chapter, each backspace as I go along! Some authors plan their manuscripts in advance, but my stories tend to have a life of their own and I look forward to seeing what unfolds with everybody else!”

On Wednesday, 12th September at 9am (London Timezone) the author will let her social network followers know that the first session is about to begin. By using the Google Docs cloud-based office suite, Silvia will start with a blank document and begin to write. Fans will be provided with a public-accessible web page (open document) to see the book being written before their eyes.

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There are a lot of things that could upset us about this, but you know what makes us relax, supremely confident that Ms. Hartmann will survive? The aromatherapy thing. We’ve never known an aromatherapist who wasn’t quite satisfied with everything pertaining to his or her life.

They’re all delusional, of course. But that’s another story for Google Docs.