Advanced Studies in Collaborative Endeavors

Whether you’re working with a team to make your new web series happen, producing a short pilot for a website like Channel 101, or just writing a script with a fellow screenwriter, there is collaborative technology out in the world that is designed to make your multi-person workflow easier.

I dipped my toes in the sea of collaboration when working in theatre first, where the writer relationship to the process is much more hands on. However, the trend in the industry lately seems to feature writers that cross titles: writer-directors, writer-actors, writer-director-actor-producer: whatever dual or triple or quadruple roles are available, there is someone willing to wear those hats (and that’s a lot of hats).

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Naked Writer Dept: How Writers Risk Their Lives

One writer, anyway, and, yes, we consider the possible effects of what she’s doing to be life-threatening. (Non-writers may not agree but they’re wrong.)

Waitaminnit! She isn’t naked! Dayum!

Silvia Hartmann is The Naked Writer

DragonRising’s star author Silvia Hartmann (Energy EFT,Aromatherapy for Your SoulInfinite Creativity) has launched a fascinating new project to connect with her readers in an exciting new way – and we need your help! read article

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