ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Creator-Showrunner on Resuming the Show

For all you Ronnie Howard fans:

It’s an interview!

With somebody we admire and respect!

And it’s aboutfeelings!

And writing and producing what may well be the cultiest of cult shows!

Try this tidbit on for size:

Mitch Hurwitz, responding to our e-mailed questions, was loath to reveal many specific plot details, save for a tidbit about exec producer/narrator Ron Howard appearing on-camera again (“He’s reprising his role as Ron Howard,” Hurwitz said. “We own the rights to Ron Howard completely. I’ve got $20,000 coming in from a Ron Howard pinball machine.”)

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If Ron Howard says so, it must be true. Right?

Ron Howard, Jason Bateman Celebrate Arrested Development‘s Return: ‘IT’S ALIVE!’
by Matt Webb Mitovich

At some point, you can stop pinching yourself. But until then, we’ll bask in any and all photos and tweets — such as these from executive producer/narrator Ron Howard and cast member Jason Bateman — that double-secret confirm the long, long-rumored return of Arrested Development.

In a series of messages shared via Twitter on Tuesday evening, Howard offered a peek into the writers room, where AD‘s 10-episode Netflix resurrection is being brainstormed, saying: “Arrested Development for Netflix. IT’S ALIVE.”

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Thank you, Jesus Netflix!