ONE LIFE TO LIVE Writer Sues ABC for Royalties

Why is it that nobody ever wants to pay writers? Even when they have contracts and a union like the Writers Guild of America? What is it about writers that makes production companies and networks always want to stiff us?

Put your hands together for one Allison Hall, who’s not taking this shit, not anymore:

Oltl92 by Dominic Patten

Once again, soap opera lawsuits are vexing ABC. Having been hit with a now $125 million breach of contract suit by Prospect Park over licensed soaps All My Children and One Life To Live, the network also faces a legal action from one of the soaps’ former writers. Requesting a trial and claiming he is owed more than $50,000 in royalties from OneLifeToLive_20110707183022-300x225OLTL being played on iTunes, Hulu and OWN, Allison “Sam” Hall this week slapped ABC with a complaint in New York Supreme Court (read it here). Hall served as co-lead writer on OLTL from November 1984 to mid-1985. Because he “created and developed the story line and numerous characters in the series,” Hall says his deal with the network ensured that he would be paid weekly royalties of $1,000 a week “as long as the ONE LIFE TO LIVE series is broadcast.” read article