Why Robert Rodriguez Is Hating On Sony TV

Nikki Finke doesn’t write all that often anymore, but when she does…well, hell, kids, let’s just say that nobody bashes like she does:

by Nikki Finke

EXCLUSIVE: Deadline reported this week that Sony TV just announced it will produce an El Mariachi series based on the 1992 Robert Rodriguez film. Now I’ve learned that Robert Rodriguez and his reps are really pissed about it. I’m told that Sony TV execs reached out to Rodriguez only once to say that they were “thinking” about doing a TV show based on the writer/director’s trilogy ofEl Mariachi/Desperado/Once Upon A Time In Mexico characters. read article

The 1% Makes Itself Felt At Disney/Marvel

The Economic Wars continue even though BigMedia doesn’t want to phrase it that way. (You didn’t know TVWriter™ was so wonderfully radical, did you?)

Ike Pearlmutter, today’s villain, in a 25+ year old pic (cuz he doesn’t want anybody to be able to I.D. him? Suspicious, no?)

Disney And Marvel Do Damage Control After Media Scrutiny Of Big Boss Ike Perlmutter – by Nikki Finke read article

The Business of Showbiz: Viacom vs. DirecTV

Who Won The War: DirecTV Or Viacom?
By David Lieberman read article

Because We Love Good News About Writers

Written by Nellie Andreeva and culled from Deadline.Com by our ever-vigilant Not-A-Bot:

‘Bones’ Exec Producer Stephen Nathan Signs New Overall Deal With 20th TV

Stephen NathanBones‘ executive producer and creator/exec producer Hart Hanson’s right-hand man, has signed a new overall deal with 20th Century Fox TV, the studio behind the long-running Fox dramedy. The two-year pact (with an option for a third) keeps Nathan onBones as the second-in-command to showrunner Hanson. Additionally, Nathan will have the ability to develop new projects for the studio. read article