LB Dept: An Evening with D.C. Fontana


by Larry Brody

One of my earliest TV writing gigs was on a very short-lived, early ’70s series called THE SIXTH SENSE, which had nothing to do with the much later – and better – film of the same name.

THE SIXTH SENSE was unusual for its time because not only was it science fiction – psychic powers and all that – but it also had two story editors running the writing. And two very distinguished story editors at that: Harlan Ellison, a science fiction legend, and Dorothy Fontana, AKA D.C. Fontana, the fabled story editor of the original STAR TREK series.

Harlan and Dorothy both left THE SIXTH SENSE while I was in the early stages of writing my script, but we remained friends for many, many years. Both of them were huge boosters of my career and my self-confidence as well, and depending on our fortunes and relative professional positions at the time, we would hire each other to write on various shows. read article