Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 4/24/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Terry Moore’s horror comic, Rachel Rising, is headed for television, and the producer, Alcon Television Group, is looking for a showrunner/writer. So you know what to do, kids. (Yeah, like quick, get a credit, and then have your people call.)
  • Matt Williams (ROSEANNE) & David McFadzean (HOME IMPROVEMENT) and George Lopez are writing SAINT GEORGE, a Latino family sitcom, for FX. (It’s a 10 episodes now, 90 later if we like it deal, ala ANGER MANAGEMENT, so don’t worry they’ll need other writers too down the line.)
  • Travis Beacham (PACIFIC RIM) is writing the pilot for BALLISTIC CITY at AMC. (According to io9 it’s “crime on a generation ship. And know what? We definitely can live with that.)
  • Seth Zvi Rosenthal’s (HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA) pilot script for DOWN LO, a drama about a gay rapper to be produced by singer John Legend, has been bought by HBO. (No word yet on whether its greenlighted as a series or a pilot or something for the HBO execs to wipe their noses on.)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/14/12

Money, money everywhere, but not a ¢ for us.
  • Ron Weiner (30 ROCK) is writing an untitled workplace comedy about “a contentious work marriage” and adapting the UK comedy WHITES as well, both as projects for NBC (because sometimes even NBC knows a good writer when they see one).
  • Tommy Dewey & Greg Bratman (SONS OF TUCSON for Fox) are writing the pilot for a sitcom based on the life of some singer or actor or something name’a John Legend, also for Fox (because it’s, like, a legendary life, we suppose).
  • and a whole bunch more producers are prepping ELECTROPOLIS, a drama series about undercover cops lurking amid the hipsters who frequent late-night L.A. clubs for the CW. No word on who’s writing this one (probably because nobody who’s heard about the project can stay awake long enough to wait for the writer’s name.)
  • Howard Franklyn (THE NAME OF THE ROSE, SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME) & Dick Wolf (LAW & ORDER FILL IN THE BLANK, CHICAGO FIRE) are writing THE CHURCH a pilot about a religious cult, for NBC (‘cuz they’re very religious guys, we’re sure…or big cultists maybe? Both? Hmm…)
  • Bill Lawrence (SCRUBS, COUGAR TOWN) is writing a romantic comedy, UNDATEABLE for NBC (and while we love this guy’s work and are sure it’ll be awesome, we kinda wish he’d come up with a title we could spell).