BBC, Jim Henson Co. Bringing Puppets To UK Primetime With ‘Muppet’-Style Show

We miss the muppets. We mean the real muppets, with their adult humor and social commentary. The way Jim Henson used to do them, way back when. And now, after lo these many years, maybe – just maybe – we’ll get to see them again. Leave it to the BBC to be the ones to give us the shot:

by Nancy Tartaglione

BBC One has joined with The Jim Henson Company for That Puppet Game Show, a new comedy game series that has a few things in common with Henson’s original Muppet Show. The series is currently shooting and will occupy a primetime slot on Saturday nights beginning later this year. Each week, two celebrity guests – the only humans on the program – will compete head-to-head in a group of “madcap” games as they vie to win £10,000 for charity. Like The Muppet Show, which incorporated behind-the-scenes shenanigans along with the actual onstage goings-on, That Puppet Game Showwill also feature a backstage sitcom.

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Jim Henson’s MUPPET SHOW Pitch Up for Auction

…And we’d love to be able to buy it. (Or maybe a Porsche.)

Lisa Henson & brother Brian Henson – the Jim Henson Company’s sibling honchos

Henson’s early sketches of The Muppets up for auction – by Piya Sinha-Roy

A handwritten pitch and drawings for the television pilot episode of “The Muppet Show” by creator Jim Henson are among items being sold at an upcoming sale of Hollywood memorabilia, auction house Nate D. Sanders said on Monday.

The collection of illustrations, which includes an original Polaroid of Miss Piggy and Henson’s handwritten pitch of story ideas, marks the early stages of development for the lovable characters including Kermit the Frog that have become an American pop culture staple.

“The photos and sketches showed Henson’s vision as he created one of the most popular shows of all-time,” auctioneer Nate Sanders said in a statement.

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What’s that you say? This is one of the dullest announcements about what should be exciting stuff ever written? You got that right, brother. Think of all the television greatness we would have missed if Henson’s pitch had been written like this.

There’s a lesson here, and you know what it is.