The Dresden Files & The Dresden Files…Oh & More Dresden Files

We love THE DRESDEN FILES. Which version? Oh no, that would be telling.

(Hint: Not the books. We find them predictable and lacking, um, the wow factor. Yeah, that’s it. No wow.)

Whitten Art 130219 Emily S. Whitten The Dresden Files and The Dresden Filesby Emily S. Whitten

For Christmas this year one of the books I got wasThe Dresden Files graphic novel, Welcome to the Jungle. By that point, I’d read all of the novels; but what got me into them was actually the TV show. read article

Are Marvel’s Superhero Movies Really a Kind of Big Screen TV Series?

You betcha! And, taken that way they’re one hell of a lot of fun. Although the writer below doesn’t say it in so many words, it’s clear that she gets it:

Emily S. Whitten: Marvel Movies: Are They Going Too Far?

I suppose we could call this a follow-up or at least sister piece to last week’s column, in which I interviewed the fantastic Cleolinda Jones, author of Movies in Fifteen Minutes, about her experiences with comic book movies. Cleo noted that she tends to be more interested in Marvel characters because “Marvel has been so much more pro-active about getting movies made and characters out there;” which is true. Let’s look at some numbers for live action comic book movies, just for kicks. read article