Don’t-Miss TV Dept: Christopher Lloyd guesting on THE MICHAEL J. FOX SHOW

back_to_thefuture-tvwriter.comby Team TVWriter™ Press Service

Christopher Lloyd, AKA Dr. Emmett Brown is guest starring with Michael J. Fox in an episode scheduled for broadcast this spring. We freely admit it: We’ll love this one no matter what the quality of the writing is. Who could possibly pass up the chance to see our Beloved Leader Larry Brody sorry, we mean the only actor in the U.S. who could play the Doctor on DOCTOR WHO sorry, we really mean, well, what reasonable man or woman could possibly let themselves miss the chance to see John Malkovich and Marty McFly again?

No, wait, that’s wrong too. WTF? We’re totally lost now.

But you know you want to see this anyway…whatever it may be….