Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/11/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Richard Kramer (THIRTYSOMETHING) is writing the pilot for THESE THINGS HAPPEN, based on his comic novel of the same name, for HBO. (We’d tell you more, but the description we saw was so convoluted that we couldn’t make heads r tails of it. Which probably says enough all by itself.)
  • Dan Fogelman (THE NEIGHBORS) is developing ABC’s musical comedy series GALAVANT. (Which is basically INTO THE WOODS without being INTO THE WOODS. Oh, ABC, you’re so darn clever that way!)
  • Will Forte (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE) is writing a Fox comedy pilot about the last couple left on earth having to learn to put aside their differences and, you know, repopulate the place. (Cuz the survival of the human race has become quite a joke, right? Who’d a thunk?)
  • Josh Siegal & Dylan Morgan (30 ROCK) are developing an untitled CBS comedy about a dysfunctional investigative team. (And we double dog dares ya to come up with how in hell it’ll be different from all the CBS dramas about the same thing.)
  • Michael Lisbe & Nate Reger ($#*! MY DAD SAYS) have sold an untitled spec comedy-mystery pilot about five, um, young people to CBS. (Which is bigger news than you might think at first cuz “young people?” At CBS?)

  • Time for one more comedy. Pete Huyck & Alex Gregory (THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW) are developing THE PRO, about a former tennis great now reduced to teaching and hustling as a tennis and golf club pro. (Rob Lowe is attached to star which means, hey, we believe in this premise cuz we definitely believe him as anything that, you know, hustles.)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 8/24/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Gwyn Lurie & Gary Marks (THE MUSIC NEVER STOPPED) are writing SPARKS, a drama pilot for NBC based on the career of a real-life super neurologist. (Yep, brains are in this season. So much so that it’s making our head hurt.)
  • Matt Miller (CHUCK) is writing FOREVER, a pilot about an immortal pathologist for NBC. (The idea seems to be that he knows how everyone else dies but can’t seem to find something that will kill him. Which we understand the poor hero wanting to do since he’ll be, you know, stuck on NBC.)
  • Darren Star (SEX AND THE CITY) is writing YOUNGER, a TV Land pilot about a 40-something woman who re-starts her life by passing as a lass in her twenties. (We hate this idea because it seems to “inside” – there was a TV writer who did this very thing a few years ago – but admit we would’ve bought it too cuz, hey, fucking Darren fucking Star, you know?)
  • Thomas Moran (HOUSE) is writing the pilot for ST. NICK, a Fox drama series about a young priest going down the wrong path. (As in he allows himself to be corrupted! Can you believe it? Oh, the shock. The shame! The outraged letters from parishioners if this hits the air.)
  • Dan Fogelman (THE NEIGHBORS) has a new overall deal with ABC Studios. (And while we aren’t crazy about THE NEIGHBORS we probably would’ve signed up the guy who created the CARZ animated film franchise too. Ka-ching!)