DALLAS Showrunner Interview

If you think that the current version of once-mighty DALLAS is bland, wait till you see the kinds of questions showrunner Cynthia Cidre is asked in this article. If these are the concerns of our Mighty OldMedia critics, well, no wonder the real world has become so much like IDIOCRACY. (What’s IDIOCRACY? It behooves everyone to find out.)

The current iteration of DALLAS

Dallas‘ Exec Producer Talks About the Shocking Season Finale – by William Keck

J.R. didn’t get shot, but he may very well shoot himself when he finds out that a Barnes has once again infiltrated his family. And this time, that Barnes is carrying a set of Ewing heirs! That’s right, TNT’s Dallas relaunch concluded its first season with the stunning twist that Rebecca — Christopher’s estranged bride and the mother of his unborn twins — is actually the daughter of age-old Ewing nemesis, Cliff Barnes. read article

At Last! Now It’s really DALLAS!

by Larry Brody

…To quote an old friend who was a writer-producer on the original series (and will be commenting about the new version here soonish).

Dallas – The war for Southfork begins
by Chuck Duncan 

‘Dallas’ aired an all-new episode on the Fourth of July, and there were fireworks as Bobby and John Ross both discovered they’d been duped by JR over control of Southfork. Did we expect anything less from him?

Read it all read article