Kathy sees Criminal Minds: “Through the Looking Glass” S8:3

Even Shemar’s fine self couldn’t save this mess.


I really wanted to write a two word review of this episode: Hated it.

However, it’s unfair (not to mention lazy) not to give a couple of reasons why I wish “Through the Looking Glass” had never happened. So here’s five. read article

Kathy sees Criminal Minds: “The Pact” S8:2

The team workin’ hard.

Synopsis for “The Pact”

Overall, I thought this episode was an improvement over last week’s. Not only that, I learned something: Criminal Minds ain’t what it used to be. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your perspective.

What I like most about CM is the mystery aspect—the team profiling, finding, and arresting/killing the perpetrator(s). But over the past couple seasons there has been a trend toward featuring the unsubs (unidentified subjects, in case you don’t know) and their stories. So what used to be a mystery show has morphed into 43 minutes of suspense, with the team becoming superfluous because they are two steps behind the audience. read article