Kathy sees Criminal Minds: “Through the Looking Glass” S8:3

Even Shemar’s fine self couldn’t save this mess.


I really wanted to write a two word review of this episode: Hated it.

However, it’s unfair (not to mention lazy) not to give a couple of reasons why I wish “Through the Looking Glass” had never happened. So here’s five.

1) Contrived plot.

2) Boring dialogue.

3) All the characters had to surrender every brain cell but one in order for the story to work.

4) Tacked on Aspergers subplot…I guess. Or just bad symmetry since one of the victims also has Aspergers.

5)  Lame bookends that tried to reveal these people have personal lives, when we all know they barely have time to brush their teeth.

One good thing–the unsub remained a mystery until the end. So in a way I got what I asked for last week. Doesn’t matter, I still want those 43 minutes of my life back.