Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/2/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Mitchell Burgess & Robin Green (THE SOPRANOS) are writing the pilot for NBC’s PARK ROAD, a U.S. version of a Danish black comedy about, well, let’s just say it has a few SOPRANOS elements of the kind we all love.  (Here’s hoping that this retains more of the comedy of the early seasons of THE SOPRANOS cuz, you know, fun.)
  • Adam Armus & Kay Foster (THE FOLLOWING) have written the pilot for ODYSSEY, a global conspiracy thriller for NBC. (And thank God for that “global” part. We mean, who cares about a conspiracy on say, your block? Those things just never work.)
  • Jeff Astrof (GROUNDED FOR LIFE) & Bill Lawrence (COUGAR TOWN) have sold MIDDLESENCE, a family comedy, to CBS. (This deal came about because of an already existing relationship between Bill and CBS. Jeff Astrof was brought in later…which is how it works in this biz, kids. So odn’t just sit there, make friends!)
  • Jill Gordon (THE SECRET LIVES OF WIVES) is writing an untitled Bravo dramedy about a family that takes justice into its own hands when its matriarch is murdered. (Yeppers, there’s nothing like a good vigilante show to make folks snicker. You suppose Bravo’s research backs that up?)
  • Hart Hanson (BONES) is writing THE GOOD THIEF’S GUIDE, based on a bestselling series of books by Chris Ewan about a thief who blogs about his adventures around the world. (Does the idea of bestselling books about a blogger sound sort of out-of-time to you? We’re having trouble wrapping our heads around it…unless these are ebooks. Hmm…)
  • Bruno Heller (THE MENTALIST) is adapting/creating/writing/whatever Fox’s GOTHAM, a drama about Gotham City’s Police Commissioner in the days before Batman. (Yup, we’re talking about a series about a young James Gordon here. And we mean series – it’s been given a series greenlight without a pilot or a script, just because…comics. Wonder what Fred Wertham would have to say about that.)

The Latest Writer Deals Since the Last Latest Writer Deals

Because we’re always thinking of you:

  • MENTALIST creator Bruno Heller has a pilot production commitment from CBS for THE ADVOCATES, a drama about a woman lawyer and a male ex-con who right wrongs for underdogs. (You know, like LEVERAGE without the team, or FAIRLY LEGAL with a duo that actually works together.)
  • Stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan has a put pilot commitment from CBS for an untitled comedy inspired by his life. (You know, like LOUIE without Louis C.K., or EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND without Raymond.) Also on the project: Peter Tolan of THE LARRY SANDERS show.
  • John Phillips, writer of the just purchased by Universal screenplay DIRTY GRANDPA is writing the pilot for STARTING UP, a comedy about two buddies who open a start-up together, for 20th TV.
  • Lauren Pomerantz, writer-producer on ELLEN, will write an untitled comedy about a “proudly independent 32-year-old single woman” for NBC. Joining her as producer of the project will be her current boss, Ellen DeGeneres.
  • Jeff Astrof, co-executive producer of the upcoming PARTNERS, has a put pilot commitment from ABC for a comedy based on the book Fat, Forty and Fired, about a guy who gets fired and figures out that there’s more to life than work anyway.