Angelo Bell: Fever Pitch Day at E!

5750 Wilshire Blvd

by Angelo Bell

Today was Pitch Day at E! Entertainment Television at  5750 Wilshire Blvd in the Miracle Mile Area.

I came in with two 1-hour dramas: “Star Mom” and “Backstab.” Both ideas touch on the entertainment industry and pop culture, as required by the network. We talked the most about the first idea, which I was most excited about.

“Backstab” not only didn’t fit with the overall direction of the network, it was clearly going to be like “biting the hand that feeds you.” I got it. Message received–but it’s still a good concept, perhaps perfect for another network.

On the other hand,  ”Star Mom” is going up the ladder. The folks I met with asked some good questions, some that I inherently knew but hadn’t addressed specifically in my leavebehind.  For example:

  • Is there an incident or event that turns the situation on its end?
  • Who are we rooting for?
  • Other than the star, who is the most important person to the story/series?

It makes good food-for-thought for the next pitch, witch comes on May 2nd at Style Network with Ramona Maramonte…in the same building. ;)

Angelo Bell: Perhaps the 3rd time is the charm for pitching NBCUniversal

Angelo Bell strikes again!

wooden-nickelUSA Network called. They want their series back.

Oh wait, they want me to come in an pitch a series? Ah, okay. I can work with that. So, the first of the month my pal Marcus and I will be heading to USA Network (which I believe is on the NBCUniversal lot) to pitch our “blue sky” procedural, Wooden Nickel. Can’t tell you about it, yet, But it’s a nice twist on the very successful cop dramedy.  This means that Operation World Domination #OWD is in full swing for 20

February 1 will make the third time in six months that I’ve been at NBCUniversal pitching a series. And this doesn’t count the 20+ projects still floating around the halls of that very big building. Just recently we incorporated unscripted series into the mix with submissions to E!BravoOxygen and Style networks. Hell, send me some solid ideas for G4 and Mun2 and we will have submitted to every affiliate in the network except for Sprout. Maybe the 3rd tie is the charm, or maybe by now we’ve gotten this whole, “good in a room” thing down pat. We’ll see.

So, off we go. I have a good feeling about Wooden Nickel.