Angelo Bell: Fever Pitch Day at E!

5750 Wilshire Blvd

by Angelo Bell

Today was Pitch Day at E! Entertainment Television at  5750 Wilshire Blvd in the Miracle Mile Area.

I came in with two 1-hour dramas: “Star Mom” and “Backstab.” Both ideas touch on the entertainment industry and pop culture, as required by the network. We talked the most about the first idea, which I was most excited about.

“Backstab” not only didn’t fit with the overall direction of the network, it was clearly going to be like “biting the hand that feeds you.” I got it. Message received–but it’s still a good concept, perhaps perfect for another network.

On the other hand,  ”Star Mom” is going up the ladder. The folks I met with asked some good questions, some that I inherently knew but hadn’t addressed specifically in my leavebehind.  For example:

  • Is there an incident or event that turns the situation on its end?
  • Who are we rooting for?
  • Other than the star, who is the most important person to the story/series?

It makes good food-for-thought for the next pitch, witch comes on May 2nd at Style Network with Ramona Maramonte…in the same building. ;)