Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/7/14


Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • A.M. Homes (THE L WORD) is writing the pilot for a U.S. version of the U.K. standby procedural, WIRE IN THE BLOOD. (Cuz it’s so fun to start the day’s announcements with yet another retread, albeit of a very intense and frightening series. Way too intense and frightening, in fact, for yer munchausen to be able to watch it alone in a dark room. Or in company in a light room, for that matter. Gleeps, fans, I am so a wuss….)
  • Bill Burr & Michael Price (the first is a stand-up comic, the second is a writer on THE SIMPSONS) have sold an animated series described as a “period family comedy” to Netflix. (No word on what period they’re talking about, so maybe there’s still time to get them to change it into an exclamation point instead. Email, gang. Send it to Netflix and change the world!)
  • Maggie Carey (THE TO DO LIST) is writing the pilot for an ABC comedy called THE BIG HOLE, about “the generational clash between an entitled millennial and her baby boomer boss.”  (Know how each episode should end? Like it would in real life, with the boomer boss firing the entitled millennial. I mean, that’s sure as well what always happens to millennial, um, me.)
  • Don Todd (SAMANTHA WHO?) has sold ABC a drama aboue “a woman who wakes up in an airport with complete amnesia and hires a dysfunctional father-son detective agency to find out who she is. (Well, at least munchito can honestly say that he (that’s “I”) ain’t never seen nor heard of sech a show before in my entitled, millennial life.)

That’s it for now. Write in and tell munchilito what you’ve sold today. TVWriter™ can’t wait to brag to all your friends. (And, more importantly, enemies. Hehehe….)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/26/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Spike Feresten (SEINFELD) has sold MASSHOLES, an animated comedy pilot, to Fox. The series takes us through the adventures of a nerdy tweenager living in a town “full of tough guys and half-wits.” (“Jokers to the left of me, fools to the right…!” We love this idea. Hell, we love the damn title. This baby’s got W-I-N-N-E-R written all over it.)
  • Lauren Blum & Rebecca Dana (newbies) are adapting Rebecca’s memoir Jujitsu Rabbi and the Godless Blonde into a half hour comedy at Fox. (So there ya go, kids. All you gots to do is write the story of you Millennial or younger life and the TV world will be your oyster. Yeppers, you heard it here!)
  • Larry Trilling (PARENTHOOD) is writing  EMPOWERED, an NBC drama pilot about badass events taking place in the pharmaceutical industry. (Cuz the evils of Big Pharma are hot now, regardless of how absolutely dull that particular biz really is. Well, except for the short-skirted sales reps who’re always hanging around doctors’ offices and…you know. They’re kinda exciting, yeah.)
  • A.M. Homes (THE L WORD) is adapting Koethi Zan’s best-seller, The Never List, in a pilot for CBS. (The book is about what happens to 4 young women who’ve been kidnapped after their rescue. Just what CBS’s audience of old codgers will love, right?)
  • Chris Downey (LEVERAGE) is writing an untitled ABC pilot about an FBI forensic psychiatrist who teams up with a brilliant pickpocket-turned-Vegas magician to work cool stings and catch baddies living it up in Vegas. (Well, at least there’s nothing generic about it. This baby’s definitely got everything pinpointed, for better or for worse.)
  • Jonathan Shapiro (THE PRACTICE) & Betsy Borns (ALL OF US) are collaborating on an ABC pilot called THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, about a beautiful and classy woman “who is forced to practice law with a charismatic, lower class tough guy.” (“Forced!” Did you hear that? Fucking “Forced!” Cuz everybody knows somebody who’s been forced to go into business with somebody who’s their direct opposite, don’tcha know? Why, we must know at least a dozen folks in that same situation in real life ourselves. What? You don’t believe us? Funny…neither do we.)