Peer Production: 2 Cool Video Projects on Kickstarter

Fast on the heels of the criticism of Kickstarter’s use by moneyed showbiz pros who are, well, reluctant to spend their own money on what they claim are their dream projects, here are two amateur dream video projects that appeal to us, although for very different reasons.

What you probably want (we know we do):

Hot Fail CaptureHOT FAIL
A television comedy about bad dates, crazy roommates, vajazzling and more. HOT FAIL is a half-hour comedy written by Tim Drucker and Tracy Weiler based on the tragic failings of Tracy’s dating life. Ever gone on a bad date? Ever had that date show up with a gift bag full of vampire teeth? Or turn out to be a criminal? If so, you and Tracy have a lot in common.

What you probably need (we know this too):

Autism-Kickstarter-CaptureTHIS IS WHAT AUTISM LOOKS LIKE
A project showcasing 10 individuals on the Autism Spectrum to dispel myths and misinformation gained from television programs. All too often individuals and their family or support members hear “I saw that person on xxx (insert name of current popular TV show with an individual on the spectrum featured) – is your son like that?” or “What is your son savant at?” or even worse “What are you going to do with him when you are gone?”.  This documentary will take place in the homes of 10 individuals of varying age, race and financial background and show that these 10 individuals, although they have the same diagnosis, have different abilities and strengths, much like that of any other person not diagnosed with ASD.