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A friend of TVWriter™ who has asked to be nameless (because, we think, he worked on this show) has just submitted his candidate for “Worst Animated Series” ever.

The show is called STONE PROTECTORS and was syndicated in the U.S. in 1993. Only 13 episodes were made, and after you see these opening titles you’ll understand why.

A quick look at the series shows that it was an attempt to combine troll dolls, which were huge then, with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which were even huger. All we can say about the genius who thought of that is, “Whoa.”

As long as we’re on the subject, TVWriter™ is open to any and all nominations for the coveted “Worst Animated Series” crown. Our polls are open, and we await your submissions.

One thought on “STONE PROTECTORS – OMG!!!”

  1. I do hereby nominate Dino Squad for the (dis)honor. The paint-by-numbers writing, interchangeable characters and poor production values are not much worse than shows like Stone Protectors, but two things set this one apart: First, they often saved money by running the canned transformation animations up to SIX TIMES in a single episode.
    Second, and the bigger sin, really belongs to the CBS network, who had the gall to stamp the E/I bug on this thing. Excuse me, CBS? A show about kids who transform into dinosaurs and fight an evil scientist by, um, stomping on things, is educational and/or informative?! And don’t give me the line about how we’re teaching kids about dinosaurs – all the “information” about dinosaurs presented here is SCIENCE FICTION. If this show teaches paleontology, then Star Wars teaches astronomy.
    OK. That’s my rant.


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