Stan Lee Joins “Plotagon”


by Team TVWriter™ Press Service

Which is way cooler than it sounds cuz…Stan Lee.

Here’s the deal.

Part One: Plotagon

Direct from their webpage:

Plotagon is a tool that lets anyone create an animated movie directly from a written screenplay. Write your story, choose actors, environments and music. Press play and your movie is done. It’s that simple.

Make your own versions of classic stories, or combine them to create entirely new universes. Plotagon comes with 5 big city characters and 6 urban environments that let you get started quickly. But you can easily get more characters and environments in our store. First up areAlice in Wonderland and Pride & Prejudice.

When you’ve created your first movie, you want to share it with the world. Plotagon is a great place to share your creations, get feedback, inspiration and learn how to become an even better movie-maker.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. (Which is why we quoted all the above.)

Part Two: Stan Lee

Uh, you know who Stan is, right. The biggest name in the history of comic books, basically, co-creator and writer of all the major Marvel characters that have taken over the media in the last couple of years. (Making it impossible for the rest of us to get anything going that’s quiet and sweet and sensitive…but we digress. Sorry.)

Well, Stan’s working with Plotagon by designing a plugin for the program that features four new superheroes that users can, you know, use to create new stories. Or, as Stan the Man puts it, “I have had great fun creating all my characters and have really enjoyed seeing my fans creating their own stories. Now, through this collaboraton with Plotagon, they can create their own superhero movies.”

Okay, so Stan probably didn’t say that. We don’t think it’s impossible for him to talk or write that badly. This is really just a stilted, made-up quote by Plotagon, which is a Swedish company so…of course. But he did approve it, so that’s good enough for us.

Plotagon is available online at the location we linked to above – for free. Its extra character/game packs cost a few bucks. Stan’s pack will be out in November and sell for $9.99. It’ll have heroes, “new scenes and settings to serve as a backdrop for Lee’s characters.”

Too bad it won’t have Jack Kirby’s input. See, Jack’s the guy who…but again, we digress. The bottom line: We can’t wait to give Plotagon and its superheroes a try.

2 thoughts on “Stan Lee Joins “Plotagon””

  1. The Agents of Shield show has a credit for Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, so they aren’t forgetting Jack. In other Marvel news, my talent for finding comic book related TV shows at odd hours made me come across a Black Panther show. It has an interesting, though clearly lower budget, look than most of these shows. I BET you can guess what network carried it.

  2. Thanks for the update, Robin.

    But is Jack’s estate getting any kind of a royalty? (They bought Stan out years ago but have been fighting the Kirby family forever.)

    Guess I’ll have to look into THE BLACK PANTHER. Does sound, erm, terrible, though.


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