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Stacy Porter is managing director of the kind of site for which we have a soft spot in our hearts. It’s called Write Vault and is a place to register and protect intellectual property.

As the site puts it:


We offer timestamped, trackable uploads of your most precious intellectual property. Our services add clout to your arsenal of evidence in cases of theft and misuse….

Write Vault stores and timestamps documents created by writers and artists for the sole purpose of providing proof of authorship when a copyright registration many not be prudent or affordable. Once a document is uploaded, the artist/writer receives a receipt and certificate showing the date when they uploaded their work and the document is subsequently registered for 10 years. The artist/writer is also privy to which users are downloading their projects when they set their documents to ‘public’ access….

Because this is the kind of thing we can get behind, we’ve invited Stacy to tell you more about it. Take it away, Stacy!

by Stacy Porter

the vault
Ooh, it’s the Vault!

I want to give a hearty thank you to Larry Brody of TVWriter™. He rolled out the red carpet for us and allowed Write Vault the opportunity to introduce our services to his readership.

Many people have asked how Write Vault came into being and why we exist when there are already other alternatives for a writer to protect their intellectual property.

We popped up on the web because of the demise of WriteSafe, my favorite registration service for placing shorts on InkTip. Surely everyone else who used the service missed it too?

That’s when my business partner and fellow writer/programmer, Devin Watson, stepped in to join forces and bring the service back as Write Vault. As Devin and I built Write Vault over the next 26 days, we aimed to satisfy the biggest concerns writers have when protecting their work.

The first consideration was setting a PRICE POINT.

We wanted to keep a low overhead without compromising security and set a price that writers and artists could afford without a second thought. That price point became $10.00 for a 10 year registration. We made it affordable so that writers could create a chain of title, proving ownership and register subsequent drafts without emptying their wallets.  No other digital registration service online can beat that price and our newsletter also includes coupons for those who receive it, further increasing the savings.

Our second consideration was SIMPLICITY. Make the site easy to use, with one singular purpose: Protect the intellectual property of artists, designers and writers. Serve the artist and writer with the strongest encryption, easiest user interface and not divert from what’s most important, which is keeping your work protected. 

We do allow writers to share their work, but Write Vault has added further protection to the writer in that regard. We only allow registered members to download scripts that are set to ‘public’ and in this way our writers can track which member is downloading which project and communicate with them.

Our third consideration was SERVICE.

We want our writers and artists to know their input is extremely valuable and we have already listened to their feedback to improve our services even more. Write Vault is open and eager to talk with you, so if you’re not sure about something, you can call us, text us, email us; we’re here for you.

The final consideration we took when building Write Vault was VALIDATION.

We wanted to make is easy for production companies and individuals to validate a Write Vault registration certificate number. No other company offers this service, and we think it’s very important. Many services such as the Creator’s Vault, ProtectRite and the WGA have no procedure for a company to validate the authenticity of a registration number.

In conclusion, we know what’s in the back of your mind because as creators of Write Vault we are not just programmers, we’re also writers and we ponder daily how we could sway fellow writers from other services to us.Anyone can visit our site and enter a registration number on the home page. Information connected to the registration number will be returned if it is an authentic Write Vault registration.

I mean, why Write Vault, right? We’re new, untested, and the WGA… we know, we know… the W-G-A. The oldest registration service on the planet. Registering with the WGA buys you no brownie points into the union, and while we respect them and still use them in various situations, they are dinosaurs in the document registration arena.

Let me bullet point what makes us different and you might change where you register your works in the future.

  • We’re an independent company. We aren’t in the hip pocket of any other organization. Our goal is to serve the artist/designer/writer and only them.
  • We aren’t selective. We don’t base our registration fees on your membership (or lack thereof) to a union. WGA, we’re looking at you.
  • We’re more affordable. Do you want to pay 10$ for 10 years of protection or 25$ for 5 years? Compare the other services against Write Vault.
  • We’re technologically superior. Your documents are encrypted, backed up daily and we improve our services when technology allows it. Don’t leave your documents with a company that refuses to upgrade and/or monitor their services.
  • We understand a Copyright is the most secure way to protect your work. But we also understand that applying for one can be costly and creating a chain of title helps a writer prove ownership in a court of law. We’re here to provide a service that allows the writer to create that chain by registering subsequent drafts before they’re ready for an official copyright application.
  • We’re in it for the long haul. We’ve already registered the domain for 10 years til 2023! You’ll be able to transmit your documents from your personal flying mobile office by then, we hope.


So what do you say, do you want to try Write Vault out?

As a further thank you to Larry and to the readers of TVWriter™, we’re offering the first 100 readers a 30% off coupon when you purchase one or more Write Vault credits. Simply sign up, purchase your credit(s) and enter TVWRTR13 in the coupon field when checking out. You don’t have to use your credits immediately, so don’t wait and use the coupon to stock up and save!

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