‘Spexism’: Sales of Female-Penned Spec Scripts Hit New Low

Disgraceful. (Not this article, just the stats/info in it. What the hell is wrong with this Biz?)

To be fair, the article also tells us that if you’re a female/woman (what the hell word are we supposed to use here anyway?) writing for television, your chances of getting somewhere are much better than if you’re trying to sell a spec feature film screenplay. So there. (We’d say, “Nonni, nonni, nonni,” but our hearts just aren’t in it.)

specnewsby Lucas Shaw

Hollywood has long been inhospitable to women, and it is only getting worse for those who are also aspiring screenwriters.

According to Suzana Orozco’s analysis of recent sales of spec scripts — scripts written with no deal in place (hence speculative) — women make up a smaller percentage of those sales than any time in the last two decades.

While the spec script market as a whole has cooled from its heyday of the mid-1990s, the impact on female writers has been even more severe.

Between 1991 and 2000, women accounted for 14 percent of spec script sales.  The numbers remained high in 2001, 2002 and 2003 as women sold more than 20 spec scripts each year.

Since then the bottom has fallen out…

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Before we forget: FTR, we totally disagree with the idea that women comprising 14% of spec script sales in previous years could be considered anything even approaching a “high” percentage. Only way that flies, it seems to us, is if you’re high while working out the numbers.

Just sayin’.