Robin Reed: Amazon Studios and Me

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gorilla_picby Robin Reed

In this brand new TV landscape, when every distributor of shows has become a producer of shows, there should be more opportunity for writers. To test that theory, or because I was bored the other day, I pulled a comedy pilot I wrote circa 2004 off my hard drive and posted it to Amazon Studios.

The script is based on a company I worked for in the nineties, a balloon/singing telegram/stripper service with a storefront in a small shopping center. It didn’t take much to turn the craziness of that real experience into a comedy script.

For the next forty five days, “Gorilla Factory” will be subject to the opinions of whoever is out there reading Amazon Studios scripts, presumably many of whom also have a submission on there currently and have reason to shoot everyone else down. At the end of that time, Amazon has the option to give me some money and develop the show further, or much more likely, flush it into oblivion.

If there are any more interesting developments, I will write more here on If you have any interest in perusing my script for yourself and giving it a rating, you can find it HERE

Author: Rreed423

Robin Reed is a writer and cartoonist. She has been published in a number of publications and has novels and short stories online at every possible ebook site.