Peggy Bechko’s Ideal Writing Space

All together now: "Awwww...."
All together now: “Awwww….”

 by Peggy Bechko

It’s near the holidays – I’m tired – kinda need a writing break so I decided I’ll talk a bit about my writing space. If you had the opportunity to visit my blog a couple of weeks back, you’d have taken my office tour and seen where I hunker down to create novels, scripts, and now comics.

It’s comfortable and a great space, ever evolving. So let me tell you a little more about it. I’m fortunate in that my office is fairly large. Around 11 X 18 feet. About the time we built this house (may I add we did a lot of the work ourselves) I was ready for a real office and not a corner somewhere.

Amusingly our builder didn’t really need blueprints except for the necessary permits so he said, hey, if you let me expand the dimensions it won’t cost anything extra because you’ll save a lot in labor as we won’t have to cut every piece of wood to size. It was a bit more detailed than that, but that’s the gist. So it ended up being a bit bigger than I’d first planned which was just fine with me.

So what’s in it? Well, I laid the carpet (yes I laid the carpet – impressed the hell out of the remaining workers when I cut it to size in an adjacent room, brought it in, gave it a flip and it laid down wall to wall perfectly-pure luck!). I also painted the base coat, then color coat, then framed the window interior with trim. I did a lot more than that, but we’re talking about the writing space here, so to continue…

What to put it in? Plainly a desk, For me I prefer the nice, large V-shape. I have my computer monitor on a Veridesk ( if you’re intersted) which allows me to sit or stand at will. Phone and printer are close at hand as are files I might need or the current project.

There are personal items around as well, a wedding picture, a picture of me with Stitch in Disneyworld and a bunch of other stuff on the huge bulletin board I put up across one entire wall of my office. Cork squares and finish trim were all it took to put it up – oh, yea, and glue, a lot of glue. It gets cluttered once in a while with stuff I probably (well let’s get real, I really) don’t need and I periodically clear it off to tack up things that actually do relate to whatever project I’m working on. It gives he a place where I can stare and pace when I’m thinking.

The green and growing thing in my office are a couple of tiny moss balls in a baseball size aquarium. I change the water and they thrive, rolling around in their little habitat.

Other than that I have lots of bookshelf space and some big filing cabinets. I used to have lateral files, but decided they took up too much space in exchange for too little storage so I got upright cabinets instead. Much better.

I have an old rolodex as well on which I keep a paper copy of all my passwords, business contacts, writers addresses, etc. I’m sorry (no I’m not) but I’m a bit old school that way. I want a real physical record of stuff like that just in case. Yes I have it on my computer as well, but still…

Oh, and no office is complete without dogs. There are three candidates who roam the house at will. I have one snoozing behind me right now. Frequently all three are sprawled on the carpet I laid so long ago, finding patches of sunlight to nap in and periodically running down the stairs to bark at fierce rabbits in the front yard.

I”d say this is pretty much my ideal office. The evolving takes the form or new computer or phone or printer or maybe something new on the wall. Otherwise I’m happy.
Here’s hoping you find your perfect writing space for whatever stage in writing you’re at. Have a great New Year!


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