Peggy Bechko: Writer Unchained

HWood Studios 1…And loosed in Disney World!

Yep, I’m a writer and I write a lot of things; novels, screen scripts, articles, blogs, whatever I want to dive into.

But there are limits and even a writer needs a vacation. And I reached my limit.

You remember what a vacation is… of course you do!

Time away from work and in this case, time away from electronics of all kinds. All I took with me with a cell phone to be used only for emergencies and I stuck to it. Checked the phone twice a day to make sure our house sitter was having no problems and turned it off all the rest of the time. Do it, it’s good for you. Really. No tiny electronic screen, no laptop, nothing beeping at you. Sigh, wow.

Destination, Disney World and all it offers for folks traveling there without kids. And that meant, for us, great restaurants, playing in the big four parks like kids, shows and shopping, and swimming at the hotel’s very nice pool with white sand beach.

Admittedly both my husband Steve and I are pretty much in kid mode when we go on any vacation, but this one especially draws it out of us. And I have to admit, the feeling is amazing when we set aside our everyday work, shed the stress and cut loose like kids. Well, maybe obnoxious big kids, but kids nonetheless.

downloadAs per Larry Brody’s advice I took along several pairs of ‘sturdy shoes’ and walked miles in them. Or in my case, occasionally skipped. Hey, you think I’m kidding? Just ask my slightly embarrassed husband, though I did get him into it; he just couldn’t actually skip since his shoes wouldn’t allow for it and kinda stuck on the sidewalk.

I’m not kidding, one of the great things about Disney World, in addition to the parks themselves and all the entertainment, is you can travel there and have a blast all with no car. Lots of shuttles, boats and the monorail. Stress levels reduced considerably.

I’m not going to tell you all the things you can do in Disney World, you can figure that out for yourself, but I am going to tell you what taking a vacation does. It loosens everything up. It relaxes the mind (no joke, you can actually feel it happen). It’s almost like the brain unclenches. The body follows, even with nary a spa treatment. Letting go of everything and reverting to childhood is an honest to god balm for the soul – with the extra perk that you can go get an adult drink since you’re chronologically not the kid jumping around inside.

How can you stay tense when careening down the tracks in a rollercoaster? Plunging fifty-two feet into a man-made river and being doused? Soaring in a hang glider over California? Walking until your feet and legs are killing you but having so much fun you keep on walking? Swimming in a great pool with absolutely nothing on your mind? Eating in exceptional restaurants and later indulging in hot fudge sundaes? Relaxing with a new release film at an eat-in theater complete with buffet?

download (1)And that’s just part of it. This was a blow-out and I relished every minute of it! Hey, I have to give credit, Disney even averted disaster when Steve lost his wallet in Animal Kingdom and we had it back within thirty minutes! How did they do that? (and yes, everything was in the wallet; money, credit cards, driver’s license without which getting on a plane to return would have been a nightmare).

And without all my electronics all I had with me was a small notebook to jot things down, just in case. The idea was to not lose an idea, but to force myself to keep the jots short and not spend actual time ‘working’. The just in case happened and I came home with small note sheets now tucked onto a corner of my desk.

I’m playing catch up now, getting back into the groove, but damn! I feel good! Temporary disconnect is the best!

3 thoughts on “Peggy Bechko: Writer Unchained”

  1. Glad to hear about the wallet save. Whew. And really like your phrase “temporary disconnect.”

    For better or for worse, my life has always been pretty much *all* temporary disconnect. Must be why I so seldom take vacations.



  2. Congrats on the vacation. It’s been years since I’ve been able to temporary disconnect, so kudos to you. 🙂

  3. Yeah, thanks guys, I’m still glowing – and it’s certainly giving momentum to my writing. Temporary disconnect, even if I couldn’t do the Disney blow out, really reves the engines and restores balance.

    Cheers everyone, take a vacation.

    ~even you Larry, it’d be good for you and Gwen.

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