Peggy Bechko Wants to Teach You How to “Romance Your Novel”

Doesn't Peggy look writerly as hell here? As well as, you know, romantic?
Doesn’t Peggy look writerly as hell here? As well as, you know, romantic?

And if anybody can do that, it’s the Pegmeistress.

Here’s the skinny:

Have you wanted to write a Romance Novel, begun it and then just didn’t feelconfident enough to keep on going? Did you have questions you couldn’t resolvefor yourself? Or did you have an idea but didn’t know where to begin? Maybe youworked your way through the first draft, but you feel it just needs something?

It’s been said many times in many ways, “the most effective way to learn to write is to WRITE.”In this class, writing is what you’ll do.

As with most things in life, writing for any venue takes a lot of practice.

There is, however, another element, one which is elusive.As Somerset Maughm said, “there are three rules for writing the novel.Unfortunately no one knows what they are.”This kind of leaves the field wide open and since, as any writer will tellyou, anything one tells you may be countermanded by another writer’s method, it’s all about finding your own voice.

So this particular course is designed for those who are already writing or wish to write a romance novel.

In this course Peggy Bechko will help you to succeed where you may have hesitated in writing that Romance novel and getting your writing out there.With a lively, personal approach to spark your ideas and writing, topics in this course will include:

·Getting Started

·Character and Conflict, which comes first?

·Pulling it all together Conflict & Action/Planning & Plotting

·Point of View – do you want to get into her head or her skin?

·Look who’s talking – inquiring minds want to know

·Subplots – got ‘em? No? Then get ‘em

·Sexuality-sensuality – there are many levels

·Ending it all

·Researching the market

·Wrapping it all up

Romancing Your Novel Workshop will guide you on how to get that romance novel written, offer resources to help you move along and enjoy doing it all at the same time. It’s a fun and eye-opening course for new and learning romance writers!

Find out more about how you can work online with TVWriter™’s favorite romantic!

EDITOR’S NOTE: In her comment on this post below, Peggy tells us she has graciously created a coupon code that will give TVWriter™ers 50% off the cost of the class till March 5th. That’s fifty-%$!#-percent! Pretty good deal, no?

The code: TVWriter
Place to use it:

Thanks, Peggy!

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