Peggy Bechko: The Unnatural Museum


by Peggy Bechko

Today I’m going to tell you about the Museum of UnNatural History. It’s at
Why? Well, heck, it’s just fun and this is the time of year for fun. Besides, writers need a break and this is a mind-expanding exploration. Here’s what the Museum of Unnatural History offers:

  • Travel to the Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Cryptozoology
  • UFO Mysteries
  • Aviation
  • Space & Time
  • Dinosaurs
  • Geology
  • Archaeology
  • Exploration
  • 7 Wonders
  • Surprising Science
  • Troubled History
  • Library
  • Laboratory
  • Attic
  • Theater
  • Store
  • Index/Site Map
  • Cyclorama

They offer new stuff and most popular categories to wander through – even have a ‘gift shop’ (connected via CafePress).

Now, really, don’t you want to visit the Attic?

I mean look, the holiday time of year can be hard for writers. And post holiday can be even harder. There may be deadlines, greetings to be gotten out to people you may not even like, fans who may want to engage at this ‘most wonderful time of the year’, perhaps an agent to keep happy. Additionally don’t forget your own traditions, presents that need to be wrapped and of course family dinners you can only hope you survive. No cheating, you can’t stay on your cell phone all day and cruise social media to see what fun other folks are having to skip these interactions.

But ya know, something like the unmsuem can be great fun to be shared. And, there’s lots of fodder here for you to enjoy , digest, and allow to internally ferment over the holidays to perhaps come forth with some brilliant idea for a new writing project as the new year begins. I mean there’s “Science Over The Edge” offering a lab made ghost, flying stones, a despicable stegosaurus and bat saboteurs. Don’t they just get the juices flowing? I mean even if you don’t write in the horror, SciFi, paranormal or weird genres, this stuff is just too much fun. And they even have related links like “lost Nazi gold” and “odd archaeology”.

And you can’t just say, forget everybody, you have a blog to post. The world will end if you don’t post it. Moreover the world will end if you don’t’ meet a deadline or finish a script of novel – or something else. Deadlines have been missed. There have been major screw-ups and other disasters and the world is still here. Really.

Look, it’s not that we don’t all have obligations, but come on, we all need a break and this is the time of year to do it (aside from summer which of course has its own special appeal). Try for some extra mileage a few days before the run-up to the holidays. Get some extra work done and then take some time off.

I know, I know, buy the time this thing got published the solstice and Christmas and New Years will be past, but a pause and a little break anytime are fabulous things.

And when you’re a writer, outstanding ideas are the most fabulous – and essential – things of all! Have fun out there.