Peggy Bechko Recommends….

by Peggy Bechko

bbc-co-uk-scienceI don’t recommend too many websites in my column here on TVWriter™ (although I’ve been known to post Writers Websites Wednesday on my own blog) but this time around here I’m offering up one that really rocks: The BBC Science web page.

BBC’s Science page is a great resource for idle perusing and even more so for anyone looking for an interesting idea to develop for a script or trying to further research an idea that’s already occurred.

Why do I like the site so much? Well, it’s clear, concise, and offers even more links to more sites. Right now, BBC Science is offering such topics as “Are Beards Good For Your Health?” And “Nine Science Ideas to Make You Look Smart,” “How Do You Pee in Space?” And a whole bunch of other topics including a fascinating “iWonder” section.

You can explore the future, the weather, the earth, nature, and what the site calls Bitesize science, which is a sort of a mini treasure trove of entertaining information.

BBC Science isn’t tidily organized with an index or table of contents, so it’s pretty much up to the ‘explorer’ to ferret out what info there’s an interest in. Which, if you’re in the right frame of mind, contributes to the fun.

So far I’ve found it most helpful in the get fun ideas department more than the actual research department. That remains more of a focus on a question and dig kind of thing.

But when we stumble across a cloud that looks like a fireball in the sky it becomes a sort of Independence Day scenario of thought process. Come on, wouldn’t that trigger some ideas for you?

Then there’s the place on earth that gets the most sunshine. Think it’s Brazil, or Florida or somewhere in Africa or Australia? Think again. It’s actually Eureka and Alerg on Ellsmere Island, Canada. Yep, more than 15 hours a day of sunshine in May, but daily average temperatures are about 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Seriously.

Wow, something else I didn’t know about. Wonder what I can do with that. Especially since few people live there, it lies within the Artic circle and there are two research stations there.

I could go on, but I don’t want to spoil all the surprises. If your goal is to find out some fascinating facts, some quirky weirdness to spark a story, or work into one then this just could be your go-to place. It certainly works for me when my brain wants to wander.

Go ahead, take a look, let your brain take a fun vacation. Just don’t let it suck you down the rabbit hole to the point where you forget your goal is to actually write something. Oh, and if you have a kid, be sure to tell him or her about this as well. Much better than most children’s sites.

Exercise your brain with a smile.

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