Peer Production: Goddammit, Why isn’t This a Full-Length Film?


The best thing about Vimeo.Com is that when you click on a page the default “play” mode is “off,” unlike YouTube’s default “on,” which means you’re suddenly plunging yourself and those around you (like – uh-oh – your boss) into the video and it’s SOUND.

The second best thing about Vimeo.Com right now is this:


Written and Directed by Patrick Kalyn
Cinematographer: Cliff Hokanson
Produced by Gabriel Paul Napora / Triton Films
Music by Sam Hulick
Manager: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment

Feature length synopsis:

In the wake of an alien infestation, an ex-special forces soldier’s daughter is killed in an alien attack. Seeking revenge, she leads a team deep into alien territory to a quarantined lab. Soon, she discovers the aliens aren’t alien at all, but a failed government experiment to create a bio-hybrid soldier. She must then expose the governments cover-up and save the last standing city in the quarantined zone from falling.

So c’mon already, where the fuck is the Kickstarter.Com campaign?