Peer Production: CHILLTOWN TV Season 1 Finale


Because you demanded it!

Oh, erm, wait. We don’t mean, um, that you demanded that Season 1 come to an end. We mean that, you know, you demanded that TVWriter™ show you the ending.

Well, not really the ending but the whole episode. And not because it’s the last episode for awhile but because, uh…

Just watch the damn glorious thing!

TVWriter™ congratulates Leesa Dean and her minions on their terrific first season! We’re already looking forward to the show’s return.

One thought on “Peer Production: CHILLTOWN TV Season 1 Finale”

  1. Thanks so much, LB!! And thanks Munchman and everyone else at TVWriter for all the incredible support this season. Chilltown will be coming back in the Fall.

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