Peer Production: A Guy, a Girl, and Their Monster


We like this new web series about just what the title says, a guy, a girl, and their monster.

Although maybe it’s more accurate to say it’s about the monster and his guy and girl.

When creator Jenn Daugherty wrote to tell us about this, we thought, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure it’s great, right, move on, move on.” But her email was so darned sincere (hey, we can recognize sincerity in others, just can’t do it ourselves, y’know?) that we had to take a look.

And once we’d looked, how could we help liking what we saw? After all, we’ve got a very similar monster living under our bed: this tiny, crazy, little dog we love so much and just want to cuddle and

We’d better let Jenn tell it:

I have always loved puppets and about three years ago I started making them myself. The first puppets I created were for another series I worked on called “Monster’s Nut House.” Then last August my fiancé, Phillip Hughes, and I moved to LA because he was accepted into the University of Southern California’s Graduate Film Program. I had just finished a short film called “The Monster Under the Bed” (starring Henry Monster) that recently screened at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and I was left wondering what the next step should be. There were so many talented filmmakers at Phil’s school that I really wanted to create a project that would allow multiple directors to collaborate with one another. I had wanted to make a show that featured Henry Monster in a world that monsters, imaginary friends and regular humans inhabited. So last August I started writing and collecting the directors that I wanted to be involved with the first season and now in February we launched our first episode.

Right now we are running a first season of thirteen episodes. In between these episodes will be ten bonus episodes featuring commercials and video blogs done by different characters. We are hoping that we can gain enough of popularity to justify a second season.

Being at USC has definitely helped us to get this project off the ground. We have consistently been surprised at the amount of talent at this school. Matt Zunich (voice and puppeteer of Henry and one of our main directors) is so driven and talented. With his fresh ideas and undying fervor for the project, we are really so lucky to have him on our team. Really it’s the sense of family at USC that has helped this project come into being. Everyone is willing to work together and share the glory in order to make a worthwhile piece of entertainment.

Hey, Jenn, here’s hoping you get a ton of that glory. And hey, TVWriter™ ers, here’s Henry and company. Enjoy:

Henry’s Facebook page is HERE.

Hey, while we’re at it, how about a shout out to the whole GGM staff (all USC grad students)  – and their home states too:

Episode Directors:

Phillip Hughes (New Mexico)
Matt Zunich (Northern California)
Andy Elliott (Louisiana)
Tarik Polansky (Southern California)
Kevin Vaughan (Cleveland)
Joel Marsh (Massachusetts)
Juel Taylor (Alabama)
Jay Cohen (New York)


Henry Monster: Matt Zunich
Jenn: Jenn Daugherty
Phil: Phillip Hughes
Van Helsing: Daniel T. Cornish
Drac: Scott Bryan