Best episode of television that I’ve seen in years! Seriously.

Also the best issue of BATMAN comics that I’ve seen in years. Just as seriously.

Can’t wait to see where the events in this ep (PERSON OF INTEREST Season 2, Episode 16) take us.

The Good:

  • Batwoman joins Batman (that would be Reese and Finch) and Catwoman (that would be Root) and may just be tougher than both/all of them
  • Sarah Shahi, on whom I am sooo crushing
  • Every single moment was just cooler than cool, period

The Bad:

  • Batwoman Samantha Shaw, Shahi My Beloved’s character, was so damn badass that Reese didn’t get to do anything except that thing where he acts kinda cute
  • Shahi didn’t join up with our heroes, enter the Batcave, and become a character I can count on seeing every fucking week

Where the munchman stands on this:

  • Trying to figure out what will happen next, as in will Samantha Shaw eventually become a regular or at least a recurring character
  • Hoping she is
  • Feeling truly awed about how great an introduction this episode was, and how very, insanely it was like a Batman comic book. The only thing missing was A Neal Adams-esque Batman silhouette encompassing the last scene


Best episode of television that I’ve seen in years!

Oh, right, I’ve already said that. Okay, how about this then? Best episode of television, evah.

At last, we Millennials get out own Emma Peal.