Peer Production: 2 Views of How LOST Should Have Ended




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Ending 1:

Ending 2:

And a few words from the creator:

Submitted by Daniel


Lost… where do I start?  I always begin these by saying “This was one of the most challenging shorts we’ve ever taken on.”  LOST, however, was quite simply THE most challenging short to date in the HISHE community. And I can honestly say it effected me physically.  So many characters, so many script re-writes, so many extra pieces.  This one took it’s toll.  But I absolutely love it.  I’m so proud of everyone who helped us make this short happen.From the minute the finale aired, we knew the pressure was on.  How do you capture the essence of a show that is 6 seasons long and funnel it into 2minutes?  How do you keep from leaving characters behind when not all characters are still alive in the finale?  How do you out smart a show that is full of twists and turns, super intelligent, and has millions of fans who know the details frontwards and back?  And most of all, how do you not copy cat someone else’s LOST joke?  Well after about 7 script rewrites we settled on Lapidus.  We knew it was something nobody would see coming.  We knew it would be the perfect spot to fit in the most cast members in one scene.  And it would also satisfy my urge to pay homage to one of my favorite comedian actors, Will Forte.  Thus the Lapidus script was a go.First lets talk Music.  Bryan English (who didn’t know the first thing about Lost when we started) wrote the music for this short.  It was incredible what he was able to knock out of the park.  My personal favorite being the trombone gliss at the very last with the polar bear.  That is Bryan actually playing his trombone!  I love it when we get to use real instruments.  He also wrote and sang the song for the “You’re In Hurley’s World Now” which cracked me up to tears.  “Eatin some chicken, jet skiin with a shaaaaaAAAAAAAArk!”Second, Voices:  Stephanie Fisher is Kate, but more importantly, crazy Claire.  She nailed it.Mark Fisher was Sawyer and the Polar BearBryan English was Carlton Cuse (Lost Creator) and the singer for the Hurley songAnd I played the rest.Third Artwork:This artwork killed me and satisfied to boot.  There are too many characters to count on Lost, and at first I wasn’t sure who all we would use, so I just started drawing as many characters as I could.  I’m kind of sad we never used a Daniel Faraday, but I did draw him.   The Lapidus montage was also especially fun to create.  I tried to cram as many lost visuals as we could muster together.  All the extras where what became Hurley’s Short however I did end up haveing to create a lot of other things (batman dancing that sort of thing)  Overall I am really pleased with the majority of the artwork of this short.And last with no least: Thank you to Tina Alexander for putting up with all of the Lost chaos and immense script discussions.   We made it.   I think it’s safe to say she and I don’t want to over think a show as vast as LOST for a long Looooong time. Hope you guys enjoyed it! 🙂

These LOST endings have been around for awhile, but, hey, this is a week for naming various “Bests,” right? So we’re right in step. Enjoy.