SOLVED: The Mystery of “Galactus is NIGH”

A TVWriter™ Exclusive!

Monday we posted about a Facebook page called “Galactus is NIGH, which had “almost 300 pics” of Comic-Con cosplayers holding up signs about an impending world-eating disaster, ending with the heartwrenching plea, “So if anyone knows anything about this…let us in on it, okay?”

(FTR: As of this writing there are almost 400 such pics on the site.)

Well, today our crack staff of investigative journalists is proud to bring you the answer, direct from the mouth of our new friend, Alfredo, who’s entirely responsible for the weekend panic in San Diego’s normally too-crowded-to-move streets. In his own writ:

The idea of the sign GALACTUS IS NIGH came from the comic book WATCHMEN. In the comic Rorschach carries around a sign that says THE END IS NIGH, and I was thinking what else brings the end, Galactus from the marvel universe. So I combined both ideas and that’s how I came up with the sign.

I was aware of the other protesters with the FEAR GOD signs, but my sign was not created to counter their signs, well not at first. I created my sign because I didn’t have a costume that year. I had my camera with me and I wanted to take pictures of cosplayers, but if I showed my friends the pictures they wouldn’t believe that I took t[them], so as proof I asked the cosplayers if they would hold the sign. And when I got home I wanted to put the pictures on Facebook, but I took so many picture I wanted more than my friends to see them.

So I created the page. And this was all on Thursday, the first day of comic con.

In other words, Alfredo e-mailed us when he heard we were sleuthing, saving TVWriter™ a whole lot of time and expense (and possibly a little fun too, dammit!) while proving he’s a good guy.

Thank you, Alfredo, for allowing the world to breathe a sigh of relief because Galactus isn’t really coming after all, whew, praise de Lawd, and all that good stuff. ‘Cuz we were really worried there for a minute. Especially LB, who, when he was writing-producing primetime cop shows was always getting in trouble because real life idiots copied his characters’ crimes – and was worried that now it was Galactus marching to his TV tune. Or, as LB told us:

“The signals from our old THE SILVER SURFER animated series have been traveling through space for about 15 years now, and I kept thinking, “What if they worm-holed their way to Galactus? What if he was on the way to earth to copycat the episode where he almost ate us How would I ever be able to live with the guilt?”

Um, sorry, Lar, but that guilt thingie was the least you’d have to concern yourself with, know what we mean?

So our lives remain unthreatened and all is well. But, just to be on the safe side, y’all, maybe you shouldn’t forget to “Watch the skies.”

Erm, looks like we can forget the skies and concentrate on something closer to home…

TV to Take Over Broadway?

Tired of reboots but love one of television’s biggest cult hits? Us too. So how do we handle this one?:

by Alanna Bennett

Bryan Fuller‘s been dropping hints of upcoming Pushing Daisies news for the past few months, and we have been clawing at our computer screens for just as long screaming “TELL US!” The Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, and Mockingbird Lane producer swore it had nothing to do with a return of the cancelled-too-soon show to television, or of a jump to the big screen. So what does that leave? Broadway, apparently!

Fuller revealed this little tidbit in a recent interview with TV-scooper extradordinaire Michael Ausiello while promoting his upcoming television reboot of Mockingbird Lane.

According to Fuller–who holds that it’s too soon to reveal anything too concrete, as these things have a way of changing through the stages of development–the project is working to reunite as much of the Pushing Daisies cast as possible.

“We’re working on something that is definitely a Pushing Daisies revival, and the idea would be to have as many cast [members] as we can to participate in it.”

…This wasn’t the direction we were expecting, but after some initial shock we pretty much came to the realization that we’ve missed the show so much that we’ll take anything they have.

Read it all

More on COPPER

from TeamTVWriter Press Service

In a time when disorder and mayhem were the law of the land, Kevin Corcoran was New York City’s finest.  Welcome to BBC AMERICA’s first original scripted series, COPPER, premiering with 10 episodes Sunday, August 19, 10:00pm ET/PT. From the brilliant minds of Academy Award®-winner Barry Levinson, Emmy®-winner Tom Fontana and Academy Award®-nominee Will Rokos, this gripping drama, filled with intrigue, corruption, mystery and murder follows Detective Kevin Corcoran – a rugged Irish immigrant cop – as he seeks justice for the powerless in the notorious immigrant neighbourhood of Five Points. Bonded by battle to two Civil War compatriots – the wayward son of a wealthy industrialist and an African-American physician who secretly assists the forensic investigations – Corcoran is thrust into the contrasting worlds of elegant and corrupt Fifth Avenue, and the emerging African- American community in Northern Manhattan. The three men share a secret from the battlefield that inextricably links their lives forever.

“It was especially important for all of us to make a show that nobody’s seen before,” said Co-creator and Executive Producer, Tom Fontana. “This isn’t going to be a re-tread of some Western or a pale imitation of Scorsese’s movie.COPPER is going to look different, smell different, sound different.”

Executive Producer, Barry Levinson adds:  “One of the fascinating things about working on COPPER is realizing that the issues our characters faced in America at that time are very much the same today.  The friction between the haves, who live Uptown with all this wealth and privilege, and the have-nots, living in extreme poverty, was staggering.”

COPPER captures the New York City immigrant experience in groundbreaking dramatic fashion, providing the perfect subject matter for BBC AMERICA’s first original scripted drama”, says Perry Simon, General Manager, BBC AMERICA. “This is the fifth series I have had the privilege to work on with Levinson and Fontana, and with COPPER, Barry and Tom are at the top of their game.”

Set in 1864 New York City, Corcoran returns home from the Civil War to find his daughter has been murdered and his wife has disappeared. Distraught and searching for answers, Corcoran’s relentless quest to find justice for his family fuels his pursuit to help the unfortunate residents of Five Points. Assisted by Sixth Precinct partner and friend, Detective Francis Maguire and Detective Andrew O’Brien, Corcoran goes the extra mile when investigating a crime, much to the dismay of his superiors.

In a fascinating twist, Corcoran’s scientific methods of deduction when solving a case are really the work of an African-American comrade, Doctor Matthew Freeman. But Freeman’s work must be kept secret as it’s sure to be invalidated because of his race.

Will Copper live up to its creators’ intentions? We’ll know next month.

Comic-Con Honors(ed?) Writers

…We/they just got lost in the shuffle. So we’re re-dealing:

Who are these people? Can someone tell us?

SDCC: 2012 Scribe Award Winners
by Glenn Hauman

n case you weren’t following our Twitter feed on Friday (and why weren’t you?) you missed the winners of the International Association of Media Tie-In Writer’s annual Scribe Awards ceremony, held Friday night at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Kevin J. Anderson was awarded this year’s Grandmaster award for remarkable achievements in the tie-in field, which include more than one hundred novels, adding up to over 20 million books in print in thirty languages. His work includes the Star Wars “Jedi Academy” books, three internationally bestselling X-Files novels, the Superman novels The Last Days of Krypton and Enemies & Allies, many novelizations (Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, etc.) and ten globally bestselling Dune novels he has co-authored with Brian Herbert.

But he wasn’t alone accepting honors on Friday. Cowboys & Aliens by Joan D. Vinge was the winner for Best Adaptation, Dungeons & Dragons — Forgotten Realms: Brimstone Angels by Erin M. Evans took the prize for Best Speculative Original Novel, Mike Hammer: Kiss Her Goodbye by Max Allan Collins & Mickey Spillane won for Best Original Novel, Thunderbirds: Extreme Hazard by Joan Marie Yerba was honored for Best Young Adult Novel, and Mike Hammer: Encore for Murder by Max Allan Collins & Mickey Spillane won the Best Audio award.

Read it all

The awards were given Friday night, but the news didn’t break until today, Wednesday. We promise to do our best to get this kind of thing out there sooner. Consider this a genuine TVWriter™ pledge.

John Cleese on Creativity

What? You’ve got someone who knows more?

by Rae Ann Fera

There’s a certain generation (or two) that owes its twisted, awkward, scorchingly black sense humor to John Cleese. Famous for his work with the Monty Python films and television series, the BBC comedy Fawlty Towers, as well as feature films like A Fish Called Wanda, the writer, actor, comedian and film producer knows from funny.

But he also knows a thing or two about wrestling the creative beast, which is the topic Cleese was invited to speak about at last week’s Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Addressing a group of attendees from the Havas Media group, Cleese brought a storytelling flair to the topic of the creative process, something he’s been discussing for decades through his educational video company Video Arts, sharing tales of writing mishaps and lessons learned from leading creative and scientific minds.

Through a series of stories, Cleese spoke of the importance of succumbing to the unconscious mind, two key traits possessed by highly successful creative people, the necessity of allowing for contemplative thinking, and why all of these together result in creative breakthroughs. He touched on the points raised in his much-discussed 1991 lecture, but rounded them out and introduced new ones (plus, this piece won’t take you 36 minutes to read). Here are those stories.

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If you think we’re going to argue with this guy, you’re %$#@! nuts wrong. We have neither the courage nor the creativity for that.