Orson Welles Does Battle with…Frozen Peas?

Some of life’s little moments are just too damn bizarre to ignore. And this one just happens to involve one of the most talented creatives ever. So:

Remember, boys and girls, this is the for-real voice of the man who co-wrote and directed what may well be the best film ever made, CITIZEN KANE. If he was doing voiceovers on frozen pea commercials at the end of his days, when our times come, where do you suppose we’ll be?

One thought on “Orson Welles Does Battle with…Frozen Peas?”

  1. We’re hearing a brilliant man trying to make a bad V.O. better. I know where from he speaks. The Director could care less — all he wants is to get it done and is probably thinking, “That $@%^# prima donna…”

    So is the hanging question: Why doesn’t he just say the lines and go out for some wine before its time?

    And the answer is: Watch Citizen Kane again.

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