OMG…WALKING DEAD’s Frank Darabont Used the S Word

For the record, that word would be “sociopaths.”

Gotta love this dood. Of all the people on TVWriter™, only our BLLB can possibly imagine what he went through.

What are we talking about? This:

Frank-Darabontby Angie Han

Four seasons in, AMC’s The Walking Dead is currently on its third showrunner. But its original showrunner still hasn’t quite forgiven the network for ousting him in the first place.

While doing press rounds for his new TNT series Mob CityFrank Darabont has admitted that he no longer watches the megahit series he helped create, blasting the “sociopaths” who dumped him halfway through production on Season 2. Hit the jump to read his candid comments.

Darabont let loose when asked by Variety whether he was still keeping up with The Walking Dead.

Oh god no, why would I? If the woman you loved with all your heart left you for the Pilates instructor and just sent you an invitation to the wedding, would you go? There’s a deep commitment and emotional investment that happens when you create something that is very near and dear to you, and when that is torn asunder by sociopaths who don’t give a shit about your feelings or the feelings of your cast and crew because they have their own reasons to screw everybody, that doesn’t feel good.

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