munchman’s Guilty Pleasures

Can’t help it. This site has me by the scro throat. I check it every day. 4 times a day. It’s more important than food, drink, my career…

Oh, wait, I don’t have a career. But I could if…if…

Can no one rid me of this accursed addiction?!

[BlindGossip] When the person who appears to have the power in a relationship backs down quickly in a dispute, you know that there have to be some compelling reasons why. Although all the talk up to this point has been about his involvement with a powerful group, there were actually three other reasons he settled so quickly.

Here are the three reasons: 1. His very personal relationship with a professional athlete. 2. His very personal relationship with a musician. 3. His very personal relationship with a famous actor.

She was ready and willing to expose all three relationships to get what she wanted. The scandal of having these three famous people deposed by attorneys about their sexual relationships would have destroyed all four men. So, he gave her the thing she wanted most so that his biggest secret could remain a secret.



1. Athlete:

2. Musician:

3. Actor:

His biggest secret:

There’s only one couple this can be about. If it isn’t, I disavow all responsibility for any of my ensuing murderous bloody batshit insane actions.

EDITED TO ADD: So this guy here has come to my rescue with his version of who these gents are. If he’s right, I got 2 out of 3. 

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: The guy above turns out to be a babe. Plus TomKat just settled up, so who needs Blind Gossip? I’m in love.