munchman: THE GLADES is Cancelled. World Shrugs.

Well, I’m shrugging, for one. And if I don’t represent the whole world, then WTF?

I jest. Of course, I jest.

But not about the fate of THE GLADES.

mpassmore_300_2111018131749It deserved to die. 3 years ago.

In fact, to me it did die then. I watched the first season and mostly enjoyed it. Not because of the writing. It pretty much sucked, if you define “suck” as never ever coming even close to venturing into new territory, introducing unique characters, or writing dialog that’s simultaneously fresh and original. And the production values were even worse. Clearly shot on the proverbial shoestring.

And the acting? Well, let’s put it this way. It was even worse than the writing and production.  Most the cast, both regulars and guests, were people I’d never noticed before, and the only reason I noticed them here was that they were totally unnatural, thick-tongued, and energyless. BORING.

Except for the star. Matt Passmore was terrific that first season as Florida detective Jim Longworth. Filled with life. Charming. And he even looked and sounded almost exactly like a friend of TVWriter™’s.  Producer-writer-actor-standup comic-former lawman himself Chriss Anglin.

And when I say friend I really mean it. Chriss is one of the greatest guys ever to hang with. The perfect wingman. Except that he’s so fucking cool that whoever’s with him ends up his wing man instead.

This sounds like a digression but isn’t. The sad truth – for THE GLADES – is that the reason I liked the first season was that I totally felt like I was watching my buddy playing the part he should have been playing. But when I got over that at the beginning of Season 2, there was no point in watching the show.

The thing is that if ever there was a series that defined “same old, same old,” it was this one. And most of the audience agreed. Ratings were passable at best. The fact that it lasted 4 whole seasons was a testament to Media Executive Idiocy if ever there was one.

Sure, I’m sorry for all the cast and crew who are now out of work, but they had a hell of a good run.

All except the “real” Jim Longworth. I.E. Chriss Anglin. He got bupkis. But who knows? Maybe next time he’ll be the one starring in a series and Matt Passmore’s buds’ll be watching cuz they get to pretend they’re seeing their pal.

Hi Chriss!

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