munchman Sees LOUIE S03 E02

That loving “after the BJ” moment we all know so well

“I’m glad she was able to parlay an Academy Award into a part on a TV show where she blows Louis C.K. In a car.”

Todd Barry on Melissa Leo’s appearance on LOUIE, as reported by Anna Peele of Esquire.Com.

So this season’s going to be all about sex? Or will it escalate to the War Between the Sexes?

The first, I can enjoy. The second, I live with everyday. And as a guy, I know I’ve already lost.

Wait, here’s my serious problem with this season now that we’re 2 episodes in. So far, I haven’t seen anything new to me. Tightly written, maybe even brilliantly written relationship/sex moments that you don’t see anywhere else (although Judd Apatow sometimes tries), but still, they’re moments I’ve lived and thoughts (I’m afraid to claim them as “insights”) I’ve had.

But during the first 2 seasons I was always being – Surprise! – introduced to new realities viewed by Louis C.K. in ways I’d never come up with. And I loved heading down those winding but so, so, so real paths. Are we going to veer off that way again, Louie? I wanna play in the woods.


One thought on “munchman Sees LOUIE S03 E02”

  1. Unlike munchman, I did find one great new perception in this episode, and thought it should have figured more prominently. That was Louie’s realization that he, as her father, was “the first asshole in her life.” It’s not something I ever thought of before, but as a father I immediately recognized it as real…and brilliant. Wish that, somehow, had felt like the “A” story.

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