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What can I say after I’ve said, “Ahhh…?”

‘Leverage’ season 5: Beth Riesgraf previews Parker and Hardison’s relationship
by Meredith Jacobs

“This season, you’ll see that Parker and Hardison have started dating, and they sort of announce that, and you’ll get to see great moments between the two. I think fans have been very patient, and it’s been a long time coming. So, I’m happy to say they’ve decided to date and people will be amused and sort of touched by some of the moments that those two have together.”

“I’m happy to say it has not affected the dynamic of the team. I think it’s important to both characters, if I can speak for Aldis [Hodge, who plays Hardison] as well here, I don’t know, but certainly for me, it was important that their dynamic not affect the team as a whole and it hasn’t. The team is supportive of what’s happening and they’re aware of it and there are some great moments where there’s some eye rolling from Eliot, I’m not gonna lie, but at the same time, we didn’t want it to become this gushy, sweet relationship. These two are still who they are. They’re unique and so their relationship is going to not be like anyone else’s. But I think it’s important to them also as characters that their roles on the team stay as they are and that it doesn’t affect the dynamic.”

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Meredith Jacobs, the writer of this piece said something too, but I didn’t read it. I mean, what’s above are Beth Riesgraf’s words!