munchman: SUITS Showrunner Speaks!

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Suits – Conference Call with Creator and Showrunner Aaron Korsh Snippets
by Brandon Rowe

Today I had a conference call opportunity with the creator and showrunner of Suits, Aaron Korsh. The interview was highly informative and entertaining. I was able to ask 2 different questions during the interview.

My first question was submitted by Allison Sophie and was “What can we expect to see in terms of a backstory of Donna and Harvey and how does their relationship play into the grand scheme of things?” Aaron started off with the second part of the question in saying that he didn’t expect Donna and Harvey to get together anytime soon. He also talked about one of the more odd things on the show, “the can opener”. He mentioned it, but refused to explain it because he didn’t think it would quite have the magic it does if everyone knew what it meant. He said that people don’t want to know what it is… they want to, want to know what it is.” You might have to reread that one if it seems weird in writing. He also said that the most important Donna/Harvey episode is going to be 2.09 which is called “Asterisk”.

My second question was a follow up and I asked “What do you think Harvey and Donna’s relationship does to Harvey’s opinion of Mike and Rachel?” He thought it was a great question and went into what he saw Harvey’s morals as. He said he didn’t think that Harvey cared about Mike and Rachel being together as much as “the secret”. He said that if the two of them being together meant Mike had to tell her he wouldn’t allow it. Aaron said that what he likes about Harvey is that he doesn’t care about other people’s moral choices unless they affect him.

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Not as enlightening, nor as visually appealing as it could be, but, hey, any time they interview a writer it’s gold to us. (Next time publish his picture, asshats!)

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