WILFRED’s Showrunner on…WILFRED

David Zuckerman Talks WILFRED, Expanding the Show’s Universe, and Plans for Comic-Con
by Christina Radish

After a season of laughs and outrageous hilarity, the FX series Wilfred ended Season 1 with some shocking revelations that left the mental sanity of Ryan (Elijah Wood) in question. Although Season 2 has already provided some answers, there are still bigger mysteries revolving around the young man’s unique friendship with his neighbor’s canine pet, which he happens to see as a crude Australian (Jason Gann) in a cheap dog suit.

During this recent exclusive interview with Collider, showrunner/executive producer/writer David Zuckerman talked about the reaction he got from the Season 1 finale, expanding Ryan’s universe this season, delving deeper into Ryan’s family, how Robin Williams ended up guest starring, the biggest challenges of shooting with such a crazy production schedule (they shot all the odd-numbered episodes, and then all the even-numbered episodes, which made for some interesting continuity issues), and their plans for this year’s Comic-Con.

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